Finjan SecureBrowsing

Blog Scott Colvey Feb 18, 2011

Finjan SecureBrowsing has only basic configuration options but it's quick to install and very easy to use.

No complaints about ease of use here: simply choose whether you want the Finjan SecureBrowsing download for Internet Explorer or Firefox, install it and it's ready to go.

A toolbar appears in the browser, which is where all Finjan's hard work happens. The familiar red-amber-green colour-coding system is in evidence, appended as small icons alongside web links. Hover over one of these icons to pop up a website summary or click the ‘More info' link for a detailed breakdown.

Unlike the other web-filtering tools reviewed here, Finjan's browser toolbar button doesn't serve as a site-rank traffic light. In other words, it's just a button to access the program's (very limited) configuration options - basically, disable Finjan or allow/block access to links marked as unsafe.