The Answerbank

Blog Nik Taylor Feb 18, 2011

The AnswerBank offers something a little different as it's pitched firmly at a UK crowd.

What we liked: Whereas Brit-based questions such as our Premiership enquiry risked blank looks elsewhere, here it faced a crowd of enthusiastic answer gurus who have no problem dealing with such queries. Our spyware question was well-received, and the answers to our sea salt question gave a different perspective to replies gleaned elsewhere.

The site itself is smartly designed, and once you've registered you can ask as many questions as you like. A personalised page helps you keep track of these questions, plus any questions you've answered or subscribed to. Every time you get a new response, an email pops into your Inbox to let you know.

As with the other sites, the real joy comes from browsing through questions asked by others. There's a broad selection of categories, ranging from Business & Finance to Body & Soul, with the latter reading like a soap opera as it's full of questions from a regular crowd concering the latest twists in their love lives.

However, our favourite is Quizzes & Puzzles. This has become a repository for all the crossword clues that people have got stuck on, making it perfect for a spot of Friday afternoon time-wasting.

How it can be improved:
Some regular contributors are complaining about the site's recent redesign, which they say makes it harder to look around. As a consequence, some categories (and the questions within them) are looking somewhat neglected.

Reviewed: Issue 151 (18 December 2006 - 3 January 2007)