Meerkat toys - buy alternatives online

Blog Feb 18, 2011

Aleksandr Orlov may be sold out but you can still buy a meerkat toy online.

As we reported in October, Harrods quickly sold out of its talking Aleksandr Orlov toy. But if you're desperate for a meerkat this Christmas, don't despair ? there are alternatives available.

At, for example, you can buy a cuddly meerkat "complete with cheeky face and soft fluffy fur" for just 9.99. And, over at Amazon, there's a deluxe meerkat soft toy ? described by one reviewer as "beautifully made and with just the right expression" ? for 14.99. There's also an opportunistic website called Buy a Meerkat, which sells several versions of the animal including a glove puppet.

Although these imitations may lack the charm of the Compare the Meerkat star, they're better than no meerkat at all. Or you can now bid for an offical Aleksandr meerkat toy on eBay with proceeds going to charity. Simples!