Spyware Doctor 6

Blog Roland Waddilove Feb 18, 2011

We tested free and paid for versions of the latest anti-spyware software, and Spyware Doctor came out top.

Spyware Doctor is now on version 6 and this latest one is the best yet. You can download a reasonably effective free edition at www.download.com, but the full program has better protection and can be installed on three machines, thus justifying the relatively high price.

Like most software from PC Tools, Spyware Doctor is simple and easy to use. There is only one type of manual scan, but a low priority can be set so it runs in the background while you work. It searches for rootkits in addition to spyware, and scheduled scans can be quick or full.

A number of IntelliGuards provide real-time protection, monitoring the web-browser start page, Favorites, toolbars, plug-ins and add-ons. They watch for malicious files being executed, examine the network settings for suspicious changes, check background programs for malicious activity and make sure the start-up programs are OK.

In our tests, Spyware Doctor scanned the computer quickly and found more spyware than any of the other software. It rates each of the items that it finds according to the severity of the threat and you can easily get more information on them. This is an excellent utility that will keep your computer safe while youre using the internet.

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