LaCie Starck

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

Designed by Phillippe Starck, this 1TB hard disk has both good looks and excellent performance.

The intriguing-looking LaCie Starck is at the top end of the price scale for 1TB hard disks. Looking like a blob of molten metal oozing out of its case, this model has been designed by world-famous designer Phillippe Starck and is the latest in a long line of LaCie disks to have good looks at their hearts. It doesn't stop there though - just to add to the wow-factor, the reflective metal surface can also be used to control the supplied Desktop Manager software. Run your finger along the front surface of the disk and the software pops up on your Desktop. You can even configure it to launch other software if you wish. It's not going to replace your mouse but it's a swish feature nonetheless.

The performance of the device is significantly superior to its marginally cheaper cousin, the LaCie Hard Disk - this proved second only to the Iomega drive for speed, though it was only a smidgen ahead of Seagate's Gold Award-winning model FreeAgent Desk. However, it's significantly more expensive - paying an extra £30 
for the admittedly very sleek design feels a bit steep.

This isn't to suggest it's shirked on the features. It comes with back-up software in the form of Genie Backup Assistant (from but the software is comprehensive enough to take control of your back-up routine for you. There's also a Desktop Manager, though the main purpose of this appears to be to let you configure the disk at a fairly basic level.