Epson Stylus Photo P50

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

This sub-£100 printer from Epson produces stunning photo prints.

We weren't expecting printers priced under £100 to be loaded with features and Epson's Stylus Photo P50 is true to form. The controls on the unit are limited to three buttons that let you turn it on, change the cartridges and cancel a print.

The printer uses six individual cartridges, with the traditional cyan, magenta, yellow and black, alongside two more with lighter shades of magenta and cyan for the subtleties of photo printing. This extra care over the colours provides amazing quality photo prints that blew us away for sharpness and precise colour tone.

The downside is that there's no larger, better-value black ink cartridge, and the printer provided disappointing results while printing a standard letter. It was slow and the print quality wasn't up to its rivals.

However, we just can't get away from how this model handled its photos. If photo printing is what you're looking for, opt for this. It's still more than capable of handling the occasional letter but would really suit those with photo-centric rather than text-oriented printing priorities.