Belkin N1 Vision

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

This long-serving modem router still gives a good performance.

Belkin's N1 Vision model has been around for a while and can be found at a very reasonable price for those willing to shop around. The company branched out into uncharted territory by giving its router a screen, but it's not something that's really caught on. The screen isn't particularly fancy but it does show significantly more information than your average router. It can display download speeds, for instance, which can be handy when trying to troubleshoot connection problems. Despite its age, the N1 performed remarkably well against newer rivals and only Netgear's DGN3500 managed to significantly out-perform it in our tests.

There's no doubt that the screen is a useful addition to the router, above and beyond the flashing lights you get on most models. Now that prices have dropped, this might be a good time to buy, but it's worth knowing that Belkin has a new range of routers just around the corner so prices could fall further still.