iPod Shuffle

Blog Vicky Woollaston Feb 18, 2011

The Shuffle is an excellent basic music player but you get very little storage space for your music.

The last changes to the iPod Shuffle saw its controls moved to a fiddly remote on the headphones and the addition of a VoiceOver feature to tell you what tracks were playing. With this new model, Apple has reverted to a square design, mercifully restoring the buttons to the body of the device, but has kept VoiceOver to provide track information, playlists and battery status, which is useful despite the annoying, robotic voice.

The Shuffle is perfectly built to fulfil its role as a basic music player and successfully brings together the best elements of previous models. The clip, as with the Nano, doesn't feel very secure but the Shuffle itself is light and sturdy enough to cope. The only downside, as with any Shuffle, is that you only get 2GB of space to store your music.