Gyration Air Mouse Go Plus

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

An innovative mouse that thinks it’s a Wii Remote.

Having used its motion-sensing technology to help get Nintendo’s Wii into 50 million homes across the world, Gyration  has increased its efforts to get us using its wireless mice. This latest model is reminiscent of the original Gyration mouse we reviewed way back in October 2002.

The main benefit of the mouse is that you can use it either as a standard desktop mouse or as a pointer, much like the Wii Remote. The difference is that you hold a trigger-style button to move the cursor round your screen – this gives you the finer control you’ll need to hone in on links and buttons, which are generally smaller on a PC monitor than the targets you’re trying to hit in Wii games.

It works surprisingly well. The biggest benefit is that, if you’re thinking of doing something that requires you to use your mouse more than your keyboard, you can kick back a bit, relax into your chair and completely change your position. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, this will be more comfortable and could help combat repetitive strain issues.

Ease of use
The downside is that it takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you haven’t used one before. However, because it reverts to operating like a normal mouse simply by being placed back down on the desk, you can take the transition at your own pace or, perhaps more likely, use a mixture of both. It also means other people will still be able to use your computer without getting frustrated with your unconventional controller.

Value for money
This is priced at the upper level of what you’d expect or be prepared to pay for a mouse. However, if you think of this as two mice in one – a regular model and one you can use like a Wii Remote – then the price tag doesn’t seem quite so prohibitive.

Heavy computer users will find this device brings benefit to their lives. Its in-the-air mode isn’t suited to all purposes but is good for web browsing. It comfortably returns to normal mouse mode at a moment’s notice, making it an extremely versatile and comfortable way of using your computer.