Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

Web users spend a lot of time at their mice. This award-winning model has been designed to make your surfing as comfortable as possible.

Best Price:
Rechargeable wireless mice arent for everyone. You need to keep them docked into their charger when not in use and its the charger that can often push up their price. This particular Logitech mouse shaves a good 20 off the MX Revolutions price by ditching the charger in favour of standard AA disposables. And although chucking out old batteries is less environmentally friendly than recharging, Logitech promises around nine months of power from a single set of batteries, which is pretty impressive.

The MX1100 has a rubberised grip round the edges and a smooth, plastic upper surface. Its moulded into a comfortable hand shape and has a wide range of functions including Document Flip, called up by pressing the thumb button on the underside of the mouse. You can change sensitivity on the fly using the relevant buttons, and select whether you want the scroll wheel to click or freewheel. This is a cracking mouse for the price, as long as youre happy to resupply your own batteries.

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