Sony SRS-DB500

Blog Andy Shaw Feb 18, 2011

A monster-sized PC speaker system that packs a sonic punch.

There's something about a really big subwoofer that makes you feel like you're going to get some oomph. This model from Sony is a hulking great slab of black that looks like it'll honk out some serious bass. And it does - 150 Watts of noise power, in fact. Coupled with the 75-Watts capability of the two desk-mounted speakers - substantial enough in their own right - this monster-sized system won't disappoint, as long as you've got room to house it.

The satellite speakers are sleek and professional looking. They're not trying to hide the fact that they're speakers and have a certain tapered aesthetic to their design. Turn the unit on and you get your first glimpse of the fun that lies ahead. There's a dancing orange light that skips around the subwoofer's volume control knob. This knob, incidentally, has such a delightful, super-smooth rotating action, you'll find it hard to keep your fingers off it.

The Sony package is the only set in this test to come with a wireless (infrared) remote control, which can independently control both overall volume and bass. The only downside to this is that you have to point it at the subwoofer, which means you can't tuck it out of the way under your desk. Likewise, you have to plug headphones and other sound sources (like an iPod) directly into the subwoofer.

This is a big package that produces great sound and has some top features - only some minor niggles and a hefty price tag stand in its way.