Toy Story 3 movie scam warning

News Vicky Woollaston Jul 19, 2010

Fans and children hoping to watch Toy Story 3 online are actually being directed to survey sites and adult content, security experts warn.

Toy Story 3 is the latest popular search term being used by scammers to get fans of the animated series of films to fill in surveys, download software and subscribe to mobile phone apps and games.

One of the most popular tactics is advertising the full movie on YouTube and through search engine results. Clicking on the video sends the surfer to a survey site which promises to show the film after the surveys have been completed.

A lot of the surveys ask for personal and detailed information and in most cases there is no film at the end.

Christopher Boyd of security firm Sunbelt said: "Most of the surveys we see tend to ask a lot of questions that reveal plenty of information about the individual filling them in, and you probably don't want your kids giving some random third party lots of information."

The Toy Story 3 game is also being used to get people to download files and software to their computers in return for magic or secret passwords needed to access the games online.

Many of the pop-ups and subscriptions also contain adult content or mobile apps and games which your have to subscribe to and which cost 4.50 a week plus text message costs.

During the World Cup 2010 a number of scams were doing the rounds regarding tickets and watching the matches online.

Justin Bieber's YouTube videos were also hacked with adult content recently with some poisoned links claiming he'd been killed in a car crash.