'Sexting' on rise in the UK

News Vicky Woollaston Jul 12, 2010

Alleged celebrity 'sexters' are fueling a rise in the number of Brits getting into trouble over sexy text messages, claims report.

One in five adults in the UK admit to 'sexting' - sending racy texts or picture messages - with many getting into trouble with their partners as a result, according to a consumer poll by SellMyMobile.com.

The research suggests that the 'sexting' stories of celebs such as Ashley and Cheryl Cole, David and Victoria Beckham and Vernon Kay are fuelling this act.

People under 25 are the most active 'sexters' with a third of them having been caught red-handed sending a text to someone they shouldn't have been flirting with. Twelve per cent of all respondents had been caught.

Both men and women were equally guilty according to the poll.

Londoners also came out on top for being the most risque with their texting habits. The Midlands was the most conscientious 'sexting' region.

And 43 per cent of people admitted they had sent a racy text to the wong person. Family members top the list of having received the most rude texts by mistake (40 per cent) with friends at 27 per cent, ex-partners at 11 per cent and colleagues at 10 per cent.

Keir McConomy, managing director of SellMyMobile.com, said: "Text and picture messaging has now become so second nature that people are less cautious, leading to messages frequently going astray."

"Our survey shows the extent of people doing this with personal and risqu content, and the obvious potential for embarrassment that this creates!" he continued.