Harriet Harman Twitter account 'hacked'

News Vicky Woollaston Feb 26, 2010

The Deputy Leader of the Labour party has claimed her Twitter account has been hacked after a number of messages were sent to fellow politicians without her knowing.

A hacker has been sending messages pretending to be from Harriet Harman via the politician's official Twitter page.

Deputy Labour Leader Harman said she was unaware these messages had been sent until she was contacted by Shadow Minister Alan Duncan.

Duncan said he got a direct message from Harman and replied to her by text saying "glad you're following me". But Harman denies that she sent the messages.

Speaking in Parliament in response to a question about bogus Twitter pages being set up in the name of politicians, the MP for Camberwell and Peckham said: "My own account was hacked into this week and a tweet, purportedly sent by me widely - which I can assure everybody was not from me."

"I actually got a response to that bogus tweet from the former shadow leader of the House of Commons who is now Shadow Prisons Minister but I have to get back to him and tell him it was not from me. I would never send a tweet like that," she continued.

Harman added the security of Twitter and other social-media sites needed to be addressed to stop such things happening.

The news comes days after Labour MP David Wright claimed his Twitter account was hijacked and a tweet edited.