Wartime aerial photography archive online

News Web User Nov 23, 2009

You can see stunning aerial photographs taken during some of the major battles of World War Two in an online archive.

The National Collection of Aerial Photography has made an archive of images taken during World War Two available on the web.

Images of major events during the war such as the Normandy landings and Operation Market Garden - the failed attempt to secure vital bridges over the Rhine immortalised in the film A Bridge Too Far - taken from the air can be seen in the collection.

Other images taken from other theatres can also be seen, including a shot of Ban Kai in Thailand, the location of the Tamarkan Prisoner of War camp on the banks of the Kwai river.

"To locate photographs with such powerful links to major events is incredibly exciting," said Allan Williams, manager of The National Collection of Aerial Photography.

"The amount of reconnaissance photography taken during and since the Second World War is astonishing, and its role in expanding our knowledge and understanding of twentieth century history is critical. It's providing us quite literally with a new perspective on historical events - from the air," he continued.

There are some 4,000 images in the collection. The site is free to browse but to see the full-size images you'll need to pay 15 for a two-year subscription.

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