Bebo introduces 'help' button

News Vicky Woollaston Nov 18, 2009

Social-networking site Bebo has added a button to help children report abuse or bullying.

The social-networking site Bebo has introduced a button to all its profiles so that members can report bullying, grooming, virus and hacking concerns.

It is called the CEOP Report button, named after the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

By clicking the button, members, parents and carers can access the latest advice and help on issues such as viruses and hacking.

They will also find details about their local police, be able to contact specially trained CEOP officers and get direct links to other help like Childline and Beatbullying.

Other social sites such as Facebook and MySpace were criticised on Wednesday for not following Bebo's lead.

Jim Gamble, chief executive of the CEOP Centre said: "Bebo has made another positive move towards protecting the well-being of its users. Our challenge to other social-networking site providers is to match the commitment made by Bebo today and to help make young users safer across all social-networking sites."

This move comes after a study found Bebo to be rife with cyberbullying, leading to it being nicknamed 'Bullybo' by some of its members.

Around 10,000 people a month are already pressing the CEOP button to get help and access to other online service.

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