Yahoo GeoCities to close down

News Web User Oct 22, 2009

It's the end of an era: Yahoo is closing down its GeoCities service on Monday 26 October.

Yahoo will finally close the door on its GeoCities service on 26 October.

Launched in 1995, Geocities offered surfers a space to set up their own, personalised homepage.

Having initially backed Geocities with considerable investment, Yahoo decided to buy the service in 1999 for $3.57bn.

However, Yahoo feels that the time is right to close down Geocities as it has other alternative services offering similar functions.

"Beginning on 26 October 2009, you will no longer be able to use GeoCities to maintain a free presence online - but we're excited about the other services we have designed to help you connect with friends and family and share your activities and interests," Yahoo said in a statement.

Rival services have claimed that they are seeing increased traffic thanks to Geocities' closure.

"We've seen traffic increase dramatically over the last month as web users discover content networking," said Neil Stapley, founder of

However, social network Facebook offers many of the functions offered by Geocities, so many users may take this option.