Yoobot vs YooNot: Return of the Yoobot

News Web User Sep 28, 2009

The British Heart Foundation has revamped its Yoobot campaign in which you can create a miniature version of yourself.

The British Heart Foundation is once again giving you the chance to create a miniature version of yourself, which you have to keep alive by making wise lifestyle choices.

The Yoobot website has had a complete makeover after more than one million Yoobots were created in the first year of the BHF's campaign to encourage youngsters to look after their health.

"The new, very much-improved Yoobot Hatch'o'matic machine is ready and fully operational. Be the first to try it while it's still shinier than my head on a sunny day," says Gunter Von Gunter, the mad professor on the site.

But this year, you will not only be creating a Yoobot. Due to a missing part somewhere in Von Gunter's machine, every Yoobot is now born with an almost identical twin – a YooNot.

He warns: "Be on your guard against these biscuit-brained layabouts or they will destroy us all. It's going to be Yoobots vs YooNots I'm afraid, a battle to the squidgy end."

You can create your own Yoobot – and YooNot – on the Yoobot website.