Apple iPad/iTablet/iSlate hype peaks

Blog Feb 18, 2011

Millions of people around the world are eagerly anticipating Apple's major new product announcement that will take place on Wednesday.

Apple has confirmed that it will announce a major new product on Wednesday, as months of speculation about a touchscreen 'slate'-type device comes to a frenzied peak on the web.

No company attracts anything like the same level of hype as Apple does, largely due to the secretive nature of the company and its past records for iconic designs such as the iMac, iPod and iPhone.

But Apple also has a very dedicated - some to the point of obsessive - following, satirised brilliantly by The Onion. All are eager to know what the company is up to and what it is going to release next and because of this rumours fly around the web for months before a major product release.

Many of the rumour-mongers seem to be concentrating on the name of Apple's new baby.

It seemed that it was going to be called the iSlate, as the domain was reportedly bought by Apple. But someone pointed out that the term 'slate' would be an absolute gift to headline writers should the device not live up to expectations.

Then iTablet became the hot favourite, as the results of a survey published earlier this week showed.

However, Google Trends on Tuesday suggests that many think it'll be the iPad. It's similar to iPod, I guess, but I'm not sure myself.

Otherwise, most seem to agree that it is an entertainment-focused device, that it'll run scaled-up apps similar to the iPhone, and that newspaper publishers will create electronic editions especially for it. Some think it'll be primarily a gaming device.

Price-wise, some think it'll be in the region of 500, others more, but very few less.

There are even some cynics who think that there won't be any slate-type device announced at all.

Much of the above will turn out to be true, probably, though by no means all of it. However, if I can make one prediction with certainty: There will be some sort of surprise hidden in the announcement. What it will be, though, I can't tell you.