Help Jan 6, 2010

I want to view my computer screen on a TV, can you tell me how I connect VGA to SCART?

If you want to view your computer screen on a TV, there are a number of ways of connecting VGA to SCART. If your PC has TV out, you're laughing – just hook this up to a TV using compatible leads (probably either composite or S-Video). If you want a SCART connection, adpaters for composite/S-Video to SCART are widely available from retailers.

Alternatively, if your computer has a digital output (either DVI or HDMI) then you may be able to hook that to your TV too.

The most complicated connection is VGA. This is an analogue signal but it isn't compatible with most TVs. To make this work, your best bet would be to get a VGA to TV converter, such as the PC to TV Box, available from Maplins.

You'll still have to buy a SCART adapter to convert the video to SCART if you don't have composite/S-Video ports on your TV.

Take note that SCART has two different types - in and out. You'll need SCART in.

A SCART to VGA cable is for displaying devices with SCART out (such as a DVD player or video recorder) on a device with VGA in (like a PC monitor or projector). These will not work the other way around.