Why can't I use IE9 on Windows XP?

Help Sep 15, 2010

Why can't I use IE9 on Windows XP? I want to try the new version, but it won't work on my XP machine.

Internet Explorer 9 beta, which was launched by Microsoft on 15 September, has been specifically built to work on Windows 7 machines - although it will run on Vista PCs too.

This means that it won't - and never will - work on Windows XP. Microsoft's official reason for this is that Internet Explorer 9's GPU-powered graphics use technologies only available in Windows 7 and Vista.

Microsoft has used graphics technology DirectX 10 to exploit the PC's GPU processing. This increases IE9's speed and improves its rendering of graphics and video. DirectX 10 is a significant upgrade that doesn't work with XP - and therefore IE9 won't work with XP.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it won't put IE9's hardware-acceleration features into the current version of IE8, closing another route for XP users.