Western Digital My Book Live Duo 4TB

Blog May 24, 2012

£293 (drives included)www.wdc.com/enFEATURES ★★★★  PERFORMANCE ★★★  EASE OF USE ★★★★  VALUE FOR MONEY ★★★★Designed to look like a

£293 (drives included)


Designed to look like a book and sit on a bookshelf, this Western Digital NAS holds two 2TB hard drives, which makes it more of a hefty dictionary than a svelte paperback.

By default, the two drives are configured as one enormous 4TB storage space. You can change this, though, and with all that space it might be worth reconfiguring the drive into
a RAID#1. This is easily done during the installation of the drive, to give you 2TB of space on one drive, with everything mirrored on the second. Your files will then be safe if one drive fails, although it’s not going to help you if a burglar takes a fancy to the NAS or your house burns down.

Once it’s attached to your network, the NAS is controlled via a web interface that’s accessed through a browser. A strip along the bottom of the screen shows the status of the device and how much spare storage space is left. The rest of its tools are easy to locate and use, and accompanied by useful walkthrough guides to help beginners. The NAS is automatically integrated into Windows Explorer, so you can drag and drop files to and from it, as if it were attached to your computer directly.

If you want to access your files when you’re away from your network, you can use Western Digital’s WD 2go service. This provides access to the drive from any internet-connected PC. There are also Android and iOS apps available.

It was fifth fastest in our read-speed test (taking files from the drive) and sixth fastest in our write test (sending files to the drive). While this performance puts it in the middle of the pack, the ease with which it can be set up and used is unbeatable.

The key benefit of Western Digital’s 4TB package is its ease of use. You get lots of storage space and you don’t have to construct it from an empty NAS shell and hard drives. The drive is configured to help you get it up and running quickly and easily, but if you’d rather customise the device exactly as you want it, there are a good set of tools for tweaking its options.


It doesn’t come with all of the tools you’ll find on some of the other drives in this Group Test, but weigh this against how easy it is to use and we think it’s a trade-off that makes sense.