TP-Link Wireless N Range Extender TL-WA830RE

Blog Oct 18, 2012

£30.99 from’s Wireless N Range Extender isn’t the best-looking device in this Group Test, but this simple whit

£30.99 from

TP-Link’s Wireless N Range Extender isn’t the best-looking device in this Group Test, but this simple white box with two aerials sticking out of the back will save you £25 over the similarly performing D-Link DAP-1360. At the time of writing, it was available on Amazon for £30.99. That’s just a penny more than the TRENDnet TEW-736RE – the cheapest device in this test.

During testing, our unextended network produced a transfer speed of 15.7Mbps. Placing the TP-Link device between the router and adapter boosted the speed by 48 per cent to 23.22Mbps, making it the fastest of all the extenders we tested.

Setting up the device isn’t as straightforward as we’d hoped. The extender has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button, which you can press to connect the device to a router that also has WPS built in. However, in our test it failed to pick up all the router’s settings. It captured the name of the network but not the password, so it didn’t start working immediately. However, the problem was easily solved by logging into the device using a browser and running the set-up wizard, from where we could put the password in and get the device working.

This is a minor blip on an otherwise impressive device. With great performance and a very affordable price, the TL-WA830RE is an excellent low-cost way to improve your existing Wi-Fi network by nearly 50 per cent. If you’re committed to Wi-Fi and want a better signal in the furthest reaches of your home, this does the job very well.

VERDICT ★★★★★ 
With the best performance of all the Wi-Fi extenders we tested, the TP-Link TL-WA830RE is great at eliminating Wi-Fi blackspots from your home. This alone makes it deserve our Gold Award, but TP-Link secures its position with a fantastic price – only 1p more than the cheapest extender in our tests.

It doesn’t have the sleek, sophisticated design of some other products we tested, but with this level of performance and such a great price, we honestly couldn’t care less about how it looks.