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Blog Jul 18, 2012

Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch is designed to bring streaming music to your existing audio equipment, so it doesn’t come with speaker

Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch is designed to bring streaming music to your existing audio equipment, so it doesn’t come with speakers of its own. It has plenty of ways to connect to other hardware, so it should work with whatever music player you have.

You can connect the device to your network using Wi-Fi, or there’s an Ethernet port if you prefer to use a wired connection or HomePlugs.

The Squeezebox Touch has a responsive touchscreen with an on-screen keyboard, which makes it far easier to enter Wi-Fi passwords and account details than the remote control you get with non-touchscreen devices. The screen’s resolution isn’t very high, so it looks a bit blocky, but you can clearly read the name of the track that’s being played, even from the other side of the room. The angle of the screen can’t be adjusted, but the viewing angle is good, so we could see the display whether it was placed on a low coffee table or a high mantelpiece.

Android and iOS users can download apps to control the device. These use Wi-Fi rather than infrared, so they work even when you’re in a different room to the player. 

The biggest drawback with this music streamer is that you have to use Logitech’s Squeezebox Server to share files on a network. Install this on the PC you keep your music on and it works well, but the PC has to be left on. However, there’s an SD card slot on the side panel and a USB port on the back, so you can play music (or display photos) from memory cards or USB storage, even when your PC isn’t switched on.

There is a range of plug-ins available that add extra features (see bit.ly/squeezebox294), making the device far more configurable than UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and Apple AirPlay alternatives. What it won’t do is stream music files from a standard NAS, which is disappointing.

Streamers with built-in speakers won’t sound as good as most Hi-Fi speakers, so if you’re serious about music, you’ll want a device that streams your digital music collection to your existing Hi-Fi equipment. Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch plugs into your existing stereo and provides a simple interface that makes it easy to stream music from your PC. The only problem is that you need to use the Squeezebox Server software to stream music to the device, so you have to leave your PC on while you listen.





Logitech Squeezebox Touch