Lenovo G570 M51BHUK

Blog Oct 11, 2012

www.lenovo.co.uk, £350Lenovo’s G570 M51BHUK has a well-built case, with a brushed-metal wrist-rest and a metallic lid.

www.lenovo.co.uk, £350

Lenovo’s G570 M51BHUK has a well-built case, with a brushed-metal wrist-rest and a metallic lid. The combination looks stylish and the broad wrist-rest makes typing comfortable.

The keyboard has widely spaced keys with slight indentations so typing is easy, even at speed. The touchpad is small, but accurate. It’s slightly offset from the centre but there’s plenty of room to rest your hands and we didn’t catch the touchpad accidentally while typing.

It has a 15.6in 1,366x768 pixel display with a glossy finish that may be overly reflective if strong light is coming from directly behind you, but it’s big, bright and looks brilliant.

The laptop has 4GB of memory, a DVD writer, four USB ports, an Ethernet port (not Gigabit), 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 500GB hard drive (which is generous for a £350 laptop). The 2.3GHz Intel Core i3-2350M processor isn’t as powerful as you’d find in more expensive laptops, but it can handle most desktop applications. Its overall score of 47 in our Windows performance test, the fastest of all the laptops we tested, was aided by the laptop’s 4GB of memory.

The integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor failed our frame-rate test in Dirt 3 at its highest settings, but if you turn these down, it is able to run most 3D games. We got Dirt 3 running at 30fps by turning off anti-aliasing, which makes 3D graphics smoother but takes a heavy toll on the graphics hardware.

The laptop is excellent value at £350. It’s not as slim and light as the ultra-portable Asus X501A-XX012V, but it’s cheaper and has more features. The battery life of five hours and 21 minutes came second from bottom in our test group, but it’s a minor blip on an otherwise excellent laptop.


The Lenovo G570 M51BHUK is well configured and has lots of features, making it a superb laptop, particularly at this price. Although it isn’t as sleek as the Asus, it does have a DVD writer and it’s the only laptop in this Group Test to come with an optical drive. It’s well made and easy to use, with a well-spaced keyboard, and the 15.6in screen is great as long as you don’t have a light shining over your shoulder. The battery life could be better, though.