Blog Oct 18, 2012

JimdoFrom freewww.jimdo.comJimdo starts you off with a relatively blank canvas.

From free

Jimdo starts you off with a relatively blank canvas. You choose from a selection of templates, then get a simple front page with options for adding a title image, navigation and general content. Pages are built as you go, and the interface changes depending on what you’re adding. Click an empty area to pop up a menu of options you can choose to include. 

On the one hand, being tied to a template makes the software incredibly easy to use, because you aren’t faced with confusing tools and elements. On the other hand, it’s a rather inflexible way of working and you may find that the program simply can’t do what you want it to. For example, to move the navigation menu, you have to change the entire template. Still, the designs are logical and the rigid structure means it’s difficult to make mistakes.

The free version comes with just 500MB of space and you can only use an address with a jimdo.com suffix. You’re also forced to have a Jimdo advert placed on your site. But you get an unlimited number of pages, unlimited bandwidth and you can even set up a simple shop using PayPal, though it’s limited to five products.

If you upgrade to the Pro service for £60 per year (which is £5 per month), you lose the Jimdo advert. You also get a domain name, 5GB of space and more template designs to choose from. There’s a Business package for £180 per year, which provides two domains and unlimited storage space.

The software is very similar to 1&1’s MyWebsite, with the same icons on the right, but some different options. The main reason we’ve ranked Jimdo above 1&1’s service is that you can use it to create a perfectly serviceable site for free.

Jimdo lets you choose from a range of templates, but these are rigidly set so you can only drop in elements rather than move them around. This curbs any creative flair, but it also makes it very easy to build a good-looking site without you needing any design skills.

For a free service, Jimdo has a great set of features, including unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth and the option to set up a simple shop. With many of the other services we tested only offering time-limited free trials, this is a great way to get started.