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Meet the Editorial Team!

Daniel Booth
Acting Editor
Having spent several years drowning in mud at festivals as a music journalist, Daniel made the leap to Web User in 2001, working his way up from staff writer to deputy editor, via features editor. His first experience of the internet came in the late Nineties with regular rants on the Gillingham FC fans' message-board, but these days he spends more time planning holidays on TripAdvisor.

Website Daniel couldn't live without: "The Onion. Simply the funniest site on the web. Hilarious mix of savage satire and spoof news stories."

Andy Shaw
Technical and Reviews Editor
Andy got his first computer (a Commodore VIC-20) in the early 80s, progressed onto PCs in his teens and hasn't looked back since. Having studied New Technology at university, he got his first job as a staff writer on a computer magazine over 15 years ago. Now he looks after all the products you see in Web User and edits the Practical section. When he's not fiddling with computers, gadgets and websites for work, you'll probably find him at home with his family. Though given half a chance, he's still likely to be sat in front of a computer.

Website Andy couldn't live without: "Remember the Milk because it remembers everything I'd otherwise forget."

Robert Irvine
Features Editor
Robert has worked for Web User since its launch in 2001, first as a Staff Writer, then a regular freelancer, before landing the coveted role of Features Editor. His first experience of the internet was using it to research UFO conspiracy theories for sci-fi magazine Alien Encounters, back when AltaVista and Netscape ruled the web.

Website Robert couldn't live without: "It might be obvious, but YouTube. Where else can you find clips of classic TV shows, crackpots ranting and cats flushing toilets?"

Miki Berenyi
Chief Sub Editor
Miki started work at Web User on the very day she turned 40 so she can, with genuine experience, confirm that life begins at that landmark age. Her role as Senior Sub Editor requires her to edit the work of the Web User writers - a bit like someone pointing to a spot on the Sistine Chapel and saying to Michaelangelo, "That hand looks a bit funny".

Website Miki couldn't live without: "My favourite site is the Cake Wrecks blog, which regularly reduces me to tears of helpless laughter while also satisfying hunger pangs.

Vicky Woollaston
Staff Writer
Vicky studied Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University before securing a place on the Editorial Graduate Trainee Scheme at IPC Media back in 2007. Before joining Web User she was Digital Editorial Assistant across a number of IPC's special interest websites and has a borderline obsession for all things digital, SEO and more recently golf.

Website Vicky couldn't live without: "I'm a huge music and film fan and rely on Last.FM, especially Last.FM radio to teach me all about the new cool music that the kids are listening to."